Monday, 20 June 2011

Too long...


I haven't wrote on my blog since 25-Sep-2010 now that's poor!! I have just found myself being way over busy with working two jobs :/ but money is money and need to work hard to buy all the wonderful things I want :) lol

Hmm what has happened since 25-Sep-2010  is the question... ALOT!! As stated above i work 2 jobs lonnggg days I work!! I have brought sooo many stuff I will have to take lots of pictures and up date you guys on what I have been spending my pennies on lol.

I also go weaves in let's go into this story as it will more than likely make a lot of people laugh lol but at the time I was fuming sooo blog of shame is about to happen :- My soon to be sister-in-law want's everyone to have long hair for their wedding in September and as I have short hair and clip-in's would't really work with the hair style the bridesmaids are having (yes, I am going to be a bridesmaid) I thought I would get weaves in see what they are like and if I can style my hair with them in plus my sister-in-law wanted to see what they would look like in :/ but when I went to the salon to see if my hair was long enough they told me that I would have to have 2 bleach baths to strip all the colours I have put into my hair as I wanted to go a red I was red anyways but it was alot darker than the weaves I wanted and they lady also said I needed to put wella 5566 so I went into new york hair and got what I told to get done cost me £82 and that was with 50% discount but anyways I went to southsea to have them done in a salon called pretty b*tch (the salon really is called that LOL) when I sat in the seat they lady brought out the weaves that I wanted but for some reason they was more red than my hair was which is odd isn't it how they tell me to do this and that but doesn't seem to be the same colour soo I have red hair they decided to put a LIGHT BROWN weave colour into my hair I'm like what the!! They still charged me the full amount for weaves and let me walk out of the salon looking like a loser with two-tone hair so I had to spend more money on getting the weaves dyed more money than it is worth in my eyes soo this is my plan next time as I have to have them re-done for the wedding JUST DYE MY HAIR BROWN then nothing can go wrong can it lol brown is simple boring but simple then once the wedding is over I can dye my hair to whatever colour I wish lol.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Hey guys :)

Today time is dragging and it's making me think about some stuff that's not good!! But I am rising above it and getting on with it :).. Anyways, this morning I had a knock on the door by Mr. Postman with a present for me :). I ordered some make up products from e.l.f yesterday morning and they arrived this morning how impressive is that!! Not even 24 hours and they are here.. I no I will deffo recommended them to friends and I am for sure going to order from them again without fail.! 
Yesterday e.l.f put up a discount code for free delievery and there was no way I was going to miss out on such a good offer :) I like free things ha ha who doesn't lol. I brought 6 items and it only cost me £15.50 and you could never get 6 items for that price on the high street would you? I'm sure you would like to no what i got:

1 x Mango Madness however on the box itself it's called Passion Pink Nail Polish - I am very happy with this just by looking at it. It is a good size and the colour looks lovely. price £1.50

1 x Mineral Foundation-SPF 15 - The contence feels lovely smooth and soft and suits my skin tone great however I'm not that impressed with the size of the box as it looks more like a sample! price £3.50 (a little over priced!!)

1 x Mineral Infused Face Primer - This is the best thing I have ever used in my life!! I used a little on my hand to see what it would be like and it is sooo lovely soaked into the skin and left it feeling like baby skin!! price £6.00

1 x Therapeutic conditioning lip balm Vanilla Creme - I haven't used this yet but my lips are getting very dry and cracking and I love the smell of Vanilla price £1.50

1 x Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - I brought this as I love the smokey eye look and thought it would look good I haven't used this yet price £1.50

1 x Natural Lash Kit - I have short eye lashes and no matter what mascara I use nothing makes them long so yes I am going to cheat ha ha I will only wear these when I go out. price £1.50

Thank you for reading hope you are all having a good day

Diana xoxo

Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm sorry

Hey guys.

I am sooo sorry that I haven't blogged in awhile I have been a very busy girly..

Well I'm guessing you all would like to know what I have been up to.. Well other than working 9-5 I went to Thorpe Park on Thrusday with some friends and it was amazing I loved it I toke a picture of a ride (I must admit I did chicken out on going on it haha)

Also it was my birthday on 12th September and I have turned 20 :).. I didn't really do much for my birthday to be fair but I did go up town with my Mum in the morning and had a look around the shops and I did buy myself a maxi dress from new look it is lovely and I have brought myself a top from river island (I am sorry I dont have pictures yet but i promise i will as soon as I finish work) and then in the evening I went to dinner with my boyfriend which was lovely (went to frankie and bennies.. I am in love with there food and plus the kind lady gave me 20% off my bill too how nice :)..) and yes I did have to have a birthday cake ha ha no birthday is complete without a birthday cake!!

(This is not my cake I just found this picture on the Internet)

I also painted my nails for my birthday and I went for a funky look but I am sooo in love with them :) I used models own feeling blue let me no what you think?

Thank you for having a read and I am sorry it is only a quick blog about what I have been up to I will add pictures of my new items soon.. ooohhh and I have brought some products from e.l.f as it is free delievery until tomorrow morning I just couldn't help myself I hope they do come soon so I can show you guys

Love.. love.. love
Diana xoxo

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Shopping :)

Helloo everyone,

                         I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!! 

I went to town yesterday had lunch with my boyfriend and then hit the shop's... I got a lovely dress from this shop that hasn't long opened and it is amazing they sell use pretty dresses and handbags and cute rings etc, I just couldn't help myself and I brought this dress and it only cost £22.00...

This morning when I woke up the weather was looking rather dull and I was wondering what I should do today and then I remembered that I said I was going to go to Portsmouth so off I walked to the train station I went and trust me to get on a train that stops at every station it was a long journey but I got there in the end. Then I headed straight to Primark I love that shop such pretty things for little money (I can't see why most shop's cant be like that) I was in there a pretty long time I wanted to have a really good look and I got myself some clothes and I only spent £22.00 in there how good is that!! I am looking to start getting in my winter clothes now as it is starting to get pretty cold now but anyways this is what I brought:

  I got 5 headbands for £1.00 :)

This jumper cost £4.00 and I love the price tag as this jumper really feels nice and snugg

I am really loving this animal print cardie this was £11.00 still a good price tag I think as this feels like it is also going to be really warm and snugg 
I got some black jeggings because I realized when I looked that I have no black jeans.. none what so ever how shocking can you get so now I have a pair :) these cost £6.00

I also popped into the perfume shop..

I remember smelling this sometime ago and it really smelt lovely so I got myself some and it was on offer to £14.99

 Anywaysss I am off now hope you all have a good night 

Diana xoxo

Saturday, 4 September 2010

20 things about me

Hey loveys..

I no I have done alot of posts and I have only joined today but I thought this would be good seeing as you lot dont no anythingg about me apart from i love shopping lol.. well here we gooo!!!

1. What can't you leave the house without? - My IPhone and my bank card 
2. Favourite make-up brand? - Would have to be Rimmel I haven't really tried any others 
3. Favourite flower? - Ermm I love the smell of Roses so would have to be Roses lol
4. Favourite clothing store? - New Look, Primark, Ralph Lauren hardly shop there though :(,  Next, H&M.. loads of places really
5. Favourite perfume? - I love this one called amor amor.. and theres one my wonderful lover brought me for valentines day this year but I'm not sure what it is called
6. Heels or flats? - I'm afraid I am a flat girl :( I love high hills and i do where them sometimes when needed but I am flat footed :(
7. Did you make good grades? - Sadly no.. but I am planning on re-taking them when I have abit of spare time
8. Favourite colours? - Yellows, Red, Light Blue, White, Orange, Pink, Gray
9. Do you drink energy drinks? - Yesss :) I hardly drink them now but I used to have to drink at lest 3 or more a day not good!!

10. Do you drink juice? -Yes, I love pure apple juice that is my fav ever
11. Do you like swimming? - Yes, But I haven't been in years
12. Do you eat fries with a fork? - Yes, but no if I am in fast food restrant
13. Favourite moisturiser? - I got this around christmas time when it was from Boots and it's called Fresh and it smells sooooo nice its Strawberry Delight
14. Do you want to get married? - Yes, I would love to one day
15. Do you get mad easily? - Yes :(
16. Are you into ghost hunting? - No but i do believe
17. Any phobias? - Yes, spiders, rats anu kind of bug really and small places
18. Do you bite your nails? - No, unless i brake one while I'm out
19. Have you ever had a near death experience? - Yes, when I was born
20. Do you drink coffee? -Yes, I do drink my coffee black though but I'm more into Tea and Hot Chocolate at the moment

Thanks for reading 

Good nigh all

Diana xoxo